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UFC 234 TJDillashaw vs. Henry Cejudo Predictions

Chance of winning:



Cardio: Belal > Neal

Speed: Neal > Belal

Wrestling: Belal > Neal

Grappling: Neal > Belal

Power: Neal > Belal

The Fight of the night seeker, Drew Dober, goes back to lightweight in his upcoming fight against the Jon Tuck. With a one punch KO over the veteran, Josh Burkmann in his last lightweight outing, he won a hard fought split decision over the very tough Frank Camacho. Before his fight with Camacho, he was looking to go back to the lightweight division, where he can be one of the bigger guys.


With a background in Muay-Thai, he has been looking to evolve his overall MMA game, with focus on the wrestling aspect of the game. Later in his career, he has done a alright job of mixing up his striking with takedown attempts against the fence. Dober has very dense leg which he uses for heavy leg kicks both on the inside and outside. He’s always light on his toes, and uses alot of movement and output throughout the fights. This movement will be crucial in this fight, when he has to avoid the takedown attempts of the grappler Jon Tuck.


Jon Tuck has had an underwhelming UFC career. With 8 fights, he has won 4 and lost 4. He went on a two fight loosing streak to Josh Emmett and Damien Brown, before turning it around with a win over almost retired Takonomi Gomi. Tuck is a very talented BJJ black belt grappler, and is training with the hard sparring guys at Kings MMA. A camp known for very good striking. Tuck still haven’t adopted a good striking base to his MMA game, and mostly focus on basic striking combinations and very little movement. Tuck has a tendency too come out quite aggressive, and then get tired pretty fast, which is followed by alot of inactivity and low output the rest of the fight. He basically lost the fight against Brown, because of inactivity throughout 2nd and 3rd round after winning a high pace 1st round. Tuck has always had an issue with his cardio, and I find it hard to believe that he has evolved enough in this area.


Im pretty high on Drew Dober in this one. He has to avoid Tucks aggressive sub game in the beginning, but once Tuck starts to slow down, its all Dober. Dober is more active, has a better cardio, and can go pretty hard for three rounds. He can also use his heavy bodykicks to slow down Tuck even more. I have seen enough of Dobers grappling defence, to be confident in him getting up again, if he gets taken down. This is why im picking Drew Dober to win @ 1.530 on Bet365, with a risk of 3 out of 5 units.





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